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Diabetes' Economic Toll Goes Far Beyond Medical Bills

Researchers found that even after adjusting for family background, obesity and various illnesses, young people with diabetes were more likely to drop out of high school than those without the illness. They were also more likely to skip or fail to complete college.

Controversy Swirls Around Harsh Anti-Obesity Ads

A Georgia hospital has launched an advertising campaign that grimly highlights the risks of childhood obesity. The goal of the "Stop Sugarcoating It, Georgia" ads is to shock families into recognizing that obesity is a problem. The ads are making an impact, but the tactics are raising questions.

Why Millions Of Prescriptions Will No Longer Be Filled At Walgreens

Starting this year, many Americans may be surprised to find that their local Walgreens or Duane Reade is no longer in their insurance network. That's because of a dispute between two health care giants. If the back of your insurance card says Express Scripts, you are affected.

A Little Sugar And A Human Touch Can Ease Preemies' Pain

Swiss researchers found that newborns who got sugar and a firm embrace suffered the least pain, compared to babies who got just sugar or who were just held during medical procedures.

Being A Family 'In Sickness And In Health'

Reporter Robert Melton suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2003. He had to relearn simple tasks, such as brushing his teeth. Host Michel Martin speaks with his wife, Page, about how she adapted to her husband's injury and built a bigger support network around him. The couple's story is featured in this week's Washington Post Magazine.