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British Man Dies From SARS-Like Virus In U.K. Hospital

A new virus, which causes severe pneumonia, has killed a British man with a suppressed immune system. This is the sixth death from the coronavirus and the first outside the Middle East, where it emerged last year. Officials say the risk to the general population is low.

Why One Mom Put Her 7-Year-Old On A Diet

When Dara-Lynn Weiss saw her daughter gaining a lot of weight, she put her on a strict diet. That decision made Weiss the target of criticism from her daughter, her friends and people who didn't even know her. Weiss talks about the experience, which she chronicled in her new memoir, The Heavy: A Mother, A Daughter, A Diet.

Mommy Bashing: Criticism Fair Over Kid Diet?

Tell Me More's parenting roundtable continues the conversation on children and weight. Is it ever OK to put a child on a diet, or will it set them up for a lifetime of self esteem issues? Host Michel Martin hears from parents. Cookbook author Anupy Singla, and fitness instructor Dani Tucker weigh in.

Few Public Family Planning Centers Accept Insurance, Yet

The federal law overhauling health care requires that contraceptives be made available to insured women without any out-of-pocket costs to them. Many family planning clinics aren't yet set up to accommodate women under those terms.

Targeted Cancer Drugs Keep Myeloma Patients Up And Running

Thanks to drugs recently approved by the FDA, patients with the blood cell cancer multiple myeloma are living longer and without the pain. Don Wright was diagnosed 10 years ago and is currently training for his training for his 71st marathon.

Cancer Rehab Begins To Bridge A Gap To Reach Patients

Cancer patients often have to deal with side effects from their treatments. They may need speech therapy or help rebuilding their strength. The STAR program is helping break down the barriers to rehabilitation services.