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Despite Anti-Fungal Treatment, More Woes For Some Meningitis Patients

Two new types of fungal infection are emerging among people exposed to contaminated medication from a Massachusetts pharmacy.

Home Health Care Proves Resilient In Face Of Sandy Destruction

Remarkably, home care providers in the storm's wake say they know of no patients who lacked for needed care. Resourceful nurses, physical therapists, aides and other personnel somehow surmounted flood, impassable roads, downed trees and dwindling gasoline to get to their patients.

Genetic Clues May Help Unravel Cause of Crohn's

While better treatment options are being developed for patients with Crohn's, doctors still don't know what causes the disease. Russell Cohen, co-director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center at the University of Chicago Medicine, provides an update on current research.

Attention, Shoppers: Health Care Prices Go Online In Colorado

It's pretty tough figuring out how much a particular medical procedure will cost in advance. But Colorado is now one of several states trying to make it easier for consumers to comparison shop before they get care.

OB-GYNs And ER Docs Miss Out On Medicaid Pay Hike

The Affordable Care Act included a Medicaid pay hike for primary care doctors. It's an incentive for them to see the larger number of patients who will be covered by an expansion of Medicaid under the law. Some other specialists who say they also provide primary care won't be eligible for the increase.

Romney's Baffling Claim About Medicare Pay Cuts For Doctors

The Obama administration's health law envisions reductions in some Medicare spending. And some of the money saved on Medicare will help pay for other parts of the law. But those changes are unconnected with doctors in some areas not being willing to accept Medicare patients.