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Choosing The Right School For Special Needs

Heading back to school can be hard for parents and kids. But for parents of students with autism, Down syndrome, or ADHD, finding the right program can be especially challenging. Guest host Viviana Hurtado talks with three moms with special needs children. They discuss the challenges they've faced while helping their young students excel.

Oldest Americans Living Longer, And Are Fitter And Richer, Too

Long-term gains in longevity continue. Today's 65-year-olds can expect to live a tad over 20 more years. That's a huge jump from 1980, when 65-year-olds could expect 14 more years of life. A big part of the reason is that deaths from heart disease and stroke have plummeted by nearly 50 percent.

Health Law Gives Medicare Fraud Fighters New Weapons

Criminals who defraud public health care programs to the tune of billions of dollars a year are now up against sophisticated computer systems designed to catch them. But the new efforts may yield far more leads than the current team of investigators and analysts can handle.

High School Daze: The Perils Of Sacrificing Sleep For Late-Night Studying

A new study finds that when teens don't get the sleep they need on a given night, the next day all kinds of things can go poorly. The study builds on a body of evidence that finds sleep and learning are inextricably linked.

Medicare And Medicaid: How The Campaigns Differ

Here's a look at the government health care programs for the elderly and the poor, how President Obama's new national health care law affects them, and how Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to change things.

Planned Parenthood Windfall Funds Breast Health Expansion

A flurry of donations to Planned Parenthood during a dispute with Susan G. Komen Foundation is fueling an expansion of breast cancer services. Planned Parenthood is stepping up education about breast health. The funds will help fund mammograms and other tests, as well as the distribution of a tool to help doctors and nurses assess cancer risk.

Getting Fit: Why More People Are Walking The Walk

More people are getting their exercise by walking, according to a new study by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The health benefits are clear: Walkers generally have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. If walking is your form of exercise, why does it work for you?