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Judge Blocks Florida Law Curbing Doctors' Questions About Guns

A federal judge in Florida ruled that the right of doctors to free speech wouldn't interfere with gunowners' rights to bear arms. She enjoined a state law that effectively restricted what doctors could ask patients about gun ownership.
WAMU 88.5

West Nile in Md. Prompts Mosquito Spraying

Officials in New Carrolton, Maryland are spraying for mosquitos after a case of West Nile Virus surface in the town this week.


Recording A Life In One's Final Days

As people near the end of their lives, many fear dying without leaving something behind. "Dignity therapy" helps patients document their life stories in their own words. The majority of patients who try it report an increased sense of meaning and purpose after treatment.

Medicare Advantage Premiums To Drop Next Year

The plans offered by health insurance companies are an alternative to traditional, government fee-for-service Medicare. Nearly 12 million seniors are in the plans, about one-quarter of all Medicare beneficiaries.

Bioethicists Offer Reward For Proof On HPV Vaccine Claim

Now there's money riding on Rep. Bachmann's claims that a cervical cancer vaccine is harmful. Two prominent bioethicists said they will pay more than $10,000 if claims that the HPV vaccine caused mental retardation can be proved.
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Abortion Opponents Want Doctor Out

Abortion opponents are urging a landlord to terminate the lease of doctor performing late-term abortions at a Germantown clinic.