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Teaching Kids About Sexual Abuse: It's OK To Tell

Amid the Penn State scandal, host Michel Martin explores how parents can teach kids to flag inappropriate behavior from adults. Martin hears from a childhood sexual abuse survivor, a pediatrician, and two regular parenting contributors. (Advisory: This segment contains language that may not be suitable for all audiences.)

Hospitals Offer Alternative Treatments: Acupuncture, Yes; Ginkgo, No

A survey finds 42 percent of hospitals offer at least one type of complementary or alternative medicine treatment. Those hospitals that offer the options cite patient demand as the top reason. Clinical effectiveness is the No. 2 reason.

Drug Shortages Affect More Than Half A Million Cancer Patients

So far this year, there have been shortages of more than 200 drugs, including treatments for cancer and high blood pressure. Cancer drugs have been hit the worst, and an analysis estimates 550,000 patients in the U.S. have been affected.

Supreme Court Sets Historic Showdown For Health Law

A decision striking down the law in its entirety would end provisions affecting millions of Americans. Opponents and supporters of the law welcomed the Supreme Court's decision to hear arguments about the law and bring a final answer on its constitutionality.

Supreme Court To Decide Constitutionality Of Health Law

The legal showdown will decide once and for all if the administration's sweeping law to extend insurance coverage to millions of Americans will stand. The court has scheduled more than five hours of oral arguments for the case.