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The Facts About The HPV Vaccine

There was a bit of a dust-up at last week's Republican candidate debate. It had to do with Texas governor Rick Perry's 2007 mandate that middle school girls in his state receive the HPV vaccine. Host Audie Cornish gets the facts on that vaccine from Dr. Jessica Kahn of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Donor-Conceived Children Seek Missing Identities

Many adult children of anonymous sperm and egg donors say they deserve to know the identity of their biological parents, something a number of countries have already mandated. Kathleen LaBounty is among the most outspoken to make this case.

A New Openness For Donor Kids About Their Biology

In the past, sperm and egg donation has been shrouded in secrecy, and many children conceived this way were not told about their biological origins. But research suggests this can be toxic for families, and more couples plan to tell their children a modern-day version of the facts of life.

Doctors Call For Pullback On Narcotics For Chronic Pain

An editorial published in the Archives of Internal Medicine says there's a troubling shortfall in the evidence to support the use of narcotics like Oxycontin for long-term treatment of pain. And, there's ample evidence of harm.

In Texas, Perry's Vaccine Mandate Provoked Anger

The most dramatic moment of the GOP debate in Florida revolved around Gov. Rick Perry and his 2007 executive order mandating that young girls in Texas get the HPV vaccine. In 2007, this move mystified Republicans and revealed what some saw as a backroom deal.

Cocaine Mule Busted In Sao Paulo

A man arrested Monday at an airport in Brazil had quite a bit of undeclared carry-on luggage: 72 bags containing almost a kilogram of cocaine inside his body.