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Can You Get A Flu Shot And Still Get The Flu?

Vaccination is still the best way to avoid getting sick, but it's not 100 percent protective. Some people may get infected with a strain of flu that isn't covered by this year's vaccine. For others, the shots just don't work.

Health Spending Increases Remain At Record Lows

Economists have calculated that spending on health care continued to increase slowly in 2011, at a rate similar to the two previous years. Researchers point to the stagnant economy for holding back health inflation.

Why Didn't Your Doctor Prescribe A Generic? Look In The Mirror.

Doctors' apparent willingness to prescribe brand-name drugs instead of generics in response to patients' requests is associated with their acceptance of free food from drugmakers, a study finds.

Is It Pain Or Dependency? A Doctor's Dilemma

While most causes of accidental death are on the decline, drug-related deaths are increasing. This is due in part to the increase of deaths caused by prescription pain medication, like Vicodin or OxyContin. A Los Angeles Times investigative series looks at how doctors are contributing to the trend.

Pregnancies Way Past Due Date Are On The Decline

Two decades ago, about 10 percent of pregnancies in the U.S. lasted 42 weeks or longer. Today, about 5 percent last that long. What happened?