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House To Vote On GOP Bill Framed As Guns Vs. Butter

Republicans want to block some $55 billion worth of automatic cuts to the Pentagon budget next year. Instead, they want to cut funding for social programs such as food stamps, Medicaid and Meals on Wheels. It's a choice that has been framed as guns versus butter, and this time, guns are expected to win.

Feds Join Fight Against Whooping Cough In Washington

About 1 in 5 infants who get whooping cough will get pneumonia, and in some cases die. In Washington state, where confirmed cases are 10 times as high as they were last year, officials hope federal investigators will help them trace the source of the current outbreak.

A Critic's Advice For Doctors In Search Of Industry Work

British guidelines for collaboration between the drug industry and doctors suggests that conflicts are problems of the past. But a frequent critic refutes that notion and calls on recent examples to raise a warning.

Hospital Food So Fresh, Even The Healthy Come To Dine

You won't find cardboard chicken and mushy carrots at the Fauquier Hospital in Virginia, one of a dozen health care facilities dedicated to improving patient experiences beyond their immediate medical needs. In fact, the hospital's cafeteria has become a hang out for senior diners.

What Our Gut Microbes Say About Us

While U.S. adults have relatively uniform microbe colonies in their guts, adults in Malawi and Amazonia have much more diverse populations. Scientists are still struggling with why that is and what it means.

Stand Up, Walk Around, Even Just For '20 Minutes'

New York Times "Phys Ed" columnist Gretchen Reynolds has some simple advice for staying healthy: Stand up. Move around. In her new book, The First 20 Minutes, she explains the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle, and details some of the surprisingly simple ways to stay fit.