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Do Parents Really Know What Their Kids Are Eating?

Most parents think that their kids eat healthfully, but they may not know much their kids' eating habits, especially as they get older. Many kids don't talk to their parents about what they eat and sneak unhealthy snacks after school.

Scientists Sift For Clues On SARS-Like Virus

So far, there have been only a few cases of illness tied to a new kind of coronavirus. But the urgency to learn more about the virus was heightened recently when the first instances of person-to-person infection were seen.

When Sizing Up Childhood Obesity Risks, It Helps To Ask About Random Kids

NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health created a unique poll to gauge what children across the country are eating, drinking and doing as far as physical activity goes. Here's why.

Younger Women Have Rising Rate Of Advanced Breast Cancer, Study Says

Only about 800 women younger than 40 get the kind of breast cancer that has spread to bones or other organs by the time it's diagnosed. But that number tripled in a generation, and scientists are left wondering what's the cause.