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For Elderly Midwife, Delivering Babies Never Gets Old

Sometimes you can't retire even if you want to. For Dian Sparling, a nurse midwife, there's no one to take over her practice. But at 71, delivering babies on call is harder than it used to be. "It would be horrible if I had to do this and stay up all night and I didn't love what I do," she says.

Infections With 'Nightmare Bacteria' Are On The Rise In U.S. Hospitals

Federal health officials warned that a dangerous group of superbugs has become increasingly common in hospitals throughout the United States over the past decade. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the bacteria are resistant to virtually all antibiotics, including the ones doctors use as a last-ditch option.

Give Me Liberty, And Give Me Government-Subsidized Broccoli

People don't mind new laws telling them how to eat, as long as they feel like they're not being coerced. That's the finding of a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health, which took the unusual step of asking people what they thought about government efforts to encourage healthy eating.

Old Triumph Over Young In Federal Spending, And Sequester Makes It Worse

For years, federal programs for seniors and those that help kids have been on a collision course. Now, the moment for real competition may have arrived with the sequestration's automatic spending cuts. While Social Security and Medicare will be largely untouched, programs helping kids could lose billions.

A Costly Catch-22 In States Forgoing Medicaid Expansion

In states that don't go along with an expansion of Medicaid under the health overhaul law, many low-income adults will be caught in the gap between federal and state standards for eligibility.

From Crock-Pots to 'Cook-Overs': Your Dinnertime Confessional Tips

What's for dinner? We asked, you answered. And now we share some of our readers' savvy, time-saving tips for making dinnertime less of a mad scramble and more of a meal to relish.

Often A Health Care Laggard, U.S. Shines In Cancer Treatment

Researchers report that the U.S. ranks among the top countries at treating cancers of the brain, colon and breast. But it still lags behind most of Western Europe when it comes to drug abuse, heart disease and kidney problems.