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South Africa Chasing 'Zero Deaths, Zero Stigma'

As the 19th International AIDS Conference continues in Washington D.C., Tell Me More looks at the epidemic in Africa. More than 5 million people are living with AIDS in South Africa — more than in any other country. But Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, health minister of South Africa, says things may be changing for the better. He's in town for the conference, and he speaks with host Michel Martin about how changing attitudes towards testing and medicine are easing the country's staggering epidemic.

Finding Africa's Solutions To HIV/AIDS

Billions of dollars have been invested by the international community to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa. But the leader of the African Medical and Research Fund says the continent needs to start finding "African solutions to African problems." Host Michel Martin speaks with Dr. Teguest Guerma, the first woman to lead the organization, about what Africa needs to stabilize its HIV pandemic.

'Calling My Children' And The Faces Of AIDS

Photographer David Binder has been telling the stories of people with AIDS for 25 years. Binder's photographs of Gail Farrow, who contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion, and her family shattered prevailing perceptions of the epidemic. His documentary on her struggle was screened this week in Washington.

Meet The Drug Dealer Who Helps Addicts Quit

A prescription drug called Suboxone helps wean people off of heroin and pain pills, but addicts have a hard time getting prescriptions. So they're turning to the black market.

Treating Everybody With HIV Is The Goal, But Who Will Pay?

Right now about 8 million people around the world are getting treated for HIV at a cost of about $17 billion a year. Universal treatment would cost another $22 billion. One proposal on funding: a tax on beer and cigarettes.

Flaws And All, Medicaid Can Improve Adults' Health

When Oregon couldn't pay for everyone eligible for Medicaid to be covered, the state resorted to a lottery. Researchers then compared the health of people who won coverage with those who didn't. The results show that Medicaid improves people's health.