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Secondhand Smoke An Unwelcome Passenger In Cars With Kids

About 1 in 5 nonsmoking kids in middle and high school reported sharing a car with a smoker. The researcher say the survey, which included responses from thousands of students, give an accurate snapshot of what's happening across the country.

The 'Morning After' Pill: How It Works And Who Uses It

Access to emergency contraception has swirled at the center of a recent flurry of debate over insurance coverage. The most popular brand, Plan B, is a pill women can take if their birth control fails or they forget to use it. Today, about 10 percent of sexually active women say they've used Plan B.

What Spermicide Users Should Know, But Often Don't

Condoms, vaginal films, jellies, foams and sponges containing the spermicide N-9 are widely available without a doctor's prescription. N-9 can increase the risk of HIV transmission in certain cases, but many consumers don't know that.

California's Stevia Growers Bet On Fast Track To Sweetener Success

The first big fields of stevia ever grown in the U.S. will spout this summer in California's Central Valley. One company is trying to turn this semiwild, zero-calorie plant into an industrial crop at Silicon Valley speed.

Fewer Autopsies Mean Crucial Info Goes To The Grave

Autopsies are conducted on just 5 percent of patients who die in hospitals, and experts say that is a troubling trend that has broad implications for public health in America: Death certificates aren't as accurate as they could be, and that information drives research dollars and public health spending.

Komen's Race To Reverse Course: Questions And A PR Challenge

The nation's largest breast cancer charity now says it will continue giving grants to Planned Parenthood. But public relations specialists say the Komen foundation will have a tough time rebuilding its nonpartisan reputation.