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Could A 'Brain Pacemaker' Someday Treat Severe Anorexia?

Neurosurgeons are testing whether electrodes implanted deep inside a patient's brain could help treat chronic anorexia. Doctors are searching for something to help in these hard cases, and a small experiment, with just a half-dozen women, is drawing attention.

A Man's Journey From Nepal To Texas Triggers Global TB Scramble

Texas health officials have quarantined a Nepalese man, who illegally entered the U.S. while infected with a particularly dangerous type of tuberculosis. He traveled through 13 countries, potentially exposing hundreds of people around the world to the pathogen.
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Hearings On Virginia's Abortion Clinic Regulation Continues

Virginia's abortion clinic regulations could force most of the state's 20 existing clinics to close.


Shrimp Trawling Comes With Big Risks

Commercial fishermen have the highest rate of on-the-job fatalities of any occupation in the country. The winches that shrimpers use to pull in their nets pose particular hazards, an analysis of deaths and injuries finds.

To Save A Life, Odds Favor Defibrillators In Casinos

Canadian researchers wondered whether automated defibrillators that can save the lives of people suffering cardiac arrest are being put where they're needed most. A study found a mismatch between public locations where the devices are available and where cases of cardiac arrest are most likely.
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Obamacare 101: What Local Residents Need To Know

The way the new Affordable Care Act — a.k.a. Obamacare — will affect you depends on which side of the Potomac River you call home.