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When It Comes To HIV, Black, Gay Men Most At Risk

Black gay and bisexual men now account for one in four new HIV infections in America, according to a new report by the Black AIDS Institute. Host Michel Martin speaks with director Phill Wilson about what's behind this alarming trend. Martin is also joined by Cornelius Jones, an HIV-positive artist.

FDA Approves Second Diet Drug In A Month

Qsymia was approved for treating obese adults or those who are overweight and have one weight-related condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. The drug can cause birth defects and will only be sold through approved mail-order pharmacies.
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Repair To Baltimore's Broken Water Main To Last 3 Weeks

A large water main break in downtown Baltimore will take almost a month and roughy 700 feet of new pipe to fix, according to city officials.


Little Regulation Poses Problems Tracking Tissue

An NPR News investigation has found there's little scrutiny at key points in the tissue donation and transplant process, which could lead to serious medical mistakes.

Could The Health Law End Up Back In Court? Opponents Think So

Some conservative scholars think they may have discovered a flaw that could send the law back to court, or at least cause some big problems for its implementation.

HIV Prevention Drug Truvada No Quick Fix For Brazil's Epidemic

Some Brazilian researchers say Truvada should only be given to very specific groups at risk of getting HIV, like young, gay men. Others are concerned that a drug that blocks the transmission of HIV could be a set-back for safe sex campaigns and might actually encourage unsafe sexual behavior.