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Study Links Water Wall, Legionnaires' Disease Uptick

Audie Cornish talks with Thomas Haupt, respiratory disease epidemiologist for the Wisconsin Division of Public Health. He's the lead author of the study that helped uncover the source of a mysterious and large uptick in Legionnaires' disease cases. The study, "An Outbreak of Legionnaires Disease Associated with a Decorative Water Wall Fountain in a Hospital" was published in the online journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.

Do Nicotine Patches And Gum Help Smokers Quit?

A study out this raises questions about just how effective nicotine replacement is over the long haul. How does a new study that suggests gum and patches are no better than going cold turkey square with previous studies that showed a benefit?
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Man Arrested After Child Found Alone In McPherson Tent

D.C. Police have arrested a man and charged with him with neglect after a 13-month-old child in his care was found unattended in a tent at McPherson Square.


TB That Resists All Drugs Is Found In India

A dozen cases of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis have been diagnosed in Mumbai. Infectious disease specialists say there will be more cases in India and other countries where TB that doesn't respond to some drugs is being treated inappropriately.
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Reusable Grocery Bags Can Be Health Threat

The 5-cent bag tax is less than a month old in Montgomery County, and while residents embrace the reusable alternative, a report warns that those bags have issues of their own to keep in mind.