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Obama Calls For An Expansion Of AIDS Funding

On this World AIDS Day, President Obama is calling for a modest expansion of U.S. efforts to fight the disease both at home and abroad. To reduce waiting lists for AIDS drugs in the U.S., Obama is calling for $50 million of more funding. He is also setting a goal of 6 million more people on HIV treatments worldwide by 2013. But critics say the effort falls far short of what's needed.

Foster Kids Given Psychiatric Drugs At Higher Rates

A two-year federal investigation found children in foster care — even infants — were prescribed psychotropic drugs at rates 2.7 to 4.5 times higher than non-foster children. Often, those prescriptions were at much higher doses.

MRIs More Likely To Be Negative When The Doctor Profits

Maybe you didn't need that MRI, but your doctor did. Scans are more likely to find no problems if doctors make money from the MRI, a study concludes. Congress and the states have tried to crack down on doctors self-referring to scanners they own, but the practice continues to drive up health care costs.

End Of An Era: Lipitor Goes Generic

Two new generic brands of cholesterol-lowering medication threaten sales to Pfizer's number one selling drug — Lipitor. Good news? More people can afford it now.