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Steinman Dies Days Before Receiving Nobel Prize

Ralph Steinman won the Nobel Prize for medicine days after he died of cancer. However, the Nobel committee, which typically only awards the prize to living scientists, didn't know Steinman had passed away.

Supreme Court Hears Medicaid Case

At issue is whether doctors, hospitals and patients can go to court to challenge cuts in Medicaid. The case is from California, which cut the amount it pays health providers without seeking approval from the federal Medicaid agency as required by law. Health care providers sued.

Denmark Taxes Butter And Fat, But Will It Work?

Denmark's population is not obese in large numbers, especially when compared to the U.S., Mexico, and the United Kingdom. And disgruntled Danes could just skip over to Sweden to buy butter and oil.

Four Loko Maker To Make Alcohol Content More Prominent

The new labels, plus a resealable opening, came as the Federal Trade Commission alleged that Phusion Projects had understated the amount of alcohol in some of its products. The company agreed to make the changes despite disagreeing about the agency's claims.

Cheap Marketing Techniques Help Kids Choose More Fruit

Child nutrition researchers at Cornell took away the standard lunch line treatment of fresh fruit at three schools, and put the produce into colorful, good-looking baskets near the cash register. The result? Double the sales.

Nobelists Showed How Immune Defenses Work And Go Awry

The three scientists who won this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine opened important windows on how the immune system works to defend against microbial invaders and refrain from attacking animals' cells.