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OB-GYNs Told To Look For 'Reproductive Coercion'

Some women may be pressured by their partners into having sex against their wishes or getting pregnant when they don't want to. OB-GYNs need to know how to identify and help these women.

Scientists Put An End To Moratorium On Bird Flu Research

After researchers created versions of the bird flu virus that could spread more easily, critics began to worry that the work could spawn a pandemic if a virus escaped from the lab. After halting their work for more than a year, scientists now say the benefits outweigh the risks, and they are set to restart their experiments.

Why Some Hospices Turn Away Patients Without Caregivers At Home

Hospice policies that reject patients on the grounds that no one's at home to care for them, while increasingly rare, do still exist around the country. But for many families, that's just not an option.

Old Drug Extends Life For Pancreatic Cancer Patients

A study of a new drug therapy for pancreatic cancer finds it works better than the standard approach. While the improvement is modest for the typical patient, some people who received the treatment lived a year or two longer than those receiving conventional therapy.

How Would Better Mental Health Care Reduce Gun Violence?

President Obama's plan to reduce gun violence includes provisions aimed at shoring up access to mental health care — but is that practical? Host Michel Martin discusses the plan's mental health goals with Michael Fitzpatrick of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Dr. Carl Bell of the University of Illinois.