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A Rarity: Earn More, Pay More For Health Coverage

Most companies don't factor in differences in pay when it comes to health premiums. Yet it's common for there to be different rates for single, couple and family coverage and for different types of plans.

Young People Put Dent In Nursing Shortage

Persistent shortages of nurses may be coming to an end. The ranks of registered nurses are expected to grow at roughly the same rate as the population between now and 2030, a new study finds.

Op-Ed: Treating Families That Don't Immunize

Many doctors complain that the few patients who refuse immunizations put all patients at risk, and some refuse them treatment. New York Times Ethicist Ariel Kaminer addresses the question of whether it's ethical for pediatricians to refuse routine care to families with unvaccinated children.

Teens Aren't the Rampant Sexting Maniacs We Thought

Teens aren't the rampant texters that we've been led to believe. In fact, they're pretty darned modest. That's the news from a survey of middle and high schoolers. Just 1 percent of teenagers said they had created or appeared in sexually explicit videos or photos that were shared.

What's Behind A Temper Tantrum? Scientists Deconstruct The Screams

Toddlers outfitted with high-tech wireless recording devices have helped researchers discover that tantrums have a very distinct, predictable pattern. Understanding that tantrums have a rhythm can not only help parents know when to intervene, but also give them a sense of control.

Why Burn Doctors Hate Instant Soup

Instant cups of soup — the kind that often come in a styrofoam cup full of noodles — send children to the hospital every day.