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JMU Latest Virginia School To Report Mumps Case

Several cases of the mumps have been reported at various Virginia schools, with James Madison University being the latest.

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Maryland Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

Medical marijuana in Maryland is one step closer to reality, as the Maryland Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of a measure on the last day of the legislative session.


Getting Over Rejection, From College

Most colleges and universities recently let anxious students know who is getting in --and who is not-- for the next academic year. And many applicants are dealing with rejection from their dream school. Host Michel Martin talks with psychotherapist Diane Barth about what students are going through, and how parents can help them move on.

Dengue Fever Cases Have Been Seriously Underestimated

There could be as many as 400 million dengue infections worldwide each year, making it more common than malaria, according to a new study. One reason for the huge increase in estimated infections is that dengue has been spreading far and wide to regions outside the tropics.
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Cancer Organizations To Rally At Carnegie Library

Cancer researchers are taking off their lab coats to protest sequestration budget cuts at the Rally for Medical Research at the Carnegie Library today at 11 a.m.


Research: Dengue Underestimated By World Health Organization

The tropical disease dengue is far more widespread than previously thought, according to an article in the journal Nature. The study estimates there are three to four times more dengue infections each year than the number currently tallied by the World Health Organization.

Listen Up To Smarter, Smaller Hearing Aids

Today's devices are smaller and much more powerful than they were 20 years ago. New advances in technology can't solve all hearing problems, but they've improved many aspects of life for people with hearing loss.