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Life After Ebola: What It Takes For A Village To Be Resilient

Some think of resilience as a solo act. But the villagers of Barkedu are helping each other move forward in the wake of tragedy. Psychologist Jack Saul shares insights into "community resilience."

Why Some States Want To Legalize Raw Milk Sales

Selling unpasteurized milk across state lines is illegal because it poses a threat to public health. But raw milk sales are growing nonetheless. Legalization would let states regulate a risky market.

Administration Grants Tax Time Reprieve For Obamacare Procrastinators

There will be a special insurance enrollment period from March 15 to April 30 for people to use if they discover they owe a penalty for not having coverage when filling out their taxes.

Life After Death

The world is starting to forget about Ebola. The village of Barkedu can't.

UCLA Outbreak Highlights Challenge Of Curbing Infections

The lethal bacteria that sickened people at a Los Angeles hospital belong to one of three types the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says hospitals should most urgently monitor and prevent.

Panel Recommends More Fruits And Vegetables, Less Meat And Sugar

A panel of top nutrition experts is recommending that Americans adopt a more plant-based diet and eat less meat and sugar. The panel also weighed-in on cholesterol and caffeine.

The World Could Be On The Verge Of Losing A Powerful Malaria Drug

Malaria parasites in Myanmar are learning how to fend off the incredibly effective drug called artemisinin. That could cause a lot of problems there — and beyond.

Why California's Superbug Outbreak Isn't As Scary As It Seems

The outbreak of drug-thwarting bacteria that contributed to the deaths of two patients at a UCLA hospital isn't likely to spread further, doctors say. Still, drug resistance is trouble nationwide.

Air Force Reservists Say Agent Orange Residue Damaged Their Health

The planes used to spray Agent Orange in Vietnam weren't retired from service — they were used by reservists in the U.S. for more than a decade after the war, exposing the crews to harmful chemicals.

Nutrition Panel: Egg With Coffee Is A-OK, But Skip The Side Of Bacon

A panel of top nutrition experts is recommending that Americans adopt a more plant-based diet and eat less meat and sugar. It also found that most people are not consuming too much cholesterol.