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Montgomery County Says It Is Preparing For Possibility Of Ebola Cases

Montgomery County lawmakers today heard about the county's readiness for possible cases of Ebola, which was ruled out in several recent cases in the region.

Can Changing How You Sound Help You Find Your Voice?

Women's voices are often criticized, especially at work. We're called "shrill," told we "lack authority." Here's the story of two women who changed their voices in a quest to be heard.
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The "Obese Brain:" How Childhood Diet Impacts Brain Development

Kojo talks with two neuroscientists about how kids' diets may affect brain development into adulthood.


Bike Like A Pro Athlete, Eat Like A Pig

When a friend and I rode bicycles 738 miles up the spine of Texas, we were burning up to 5,500 calories a day. So we got to eat the way a calorie-counting cubicle dweller can only dream of.

Health Premiums And Costs Set To Rise For Workers Covered At Work

As many companies provide employees with their coverage details this fall, premiums are expected to increase modestly. Surcharges for spousal coverage and health savings accounts are also on the rise.

Forget Facebook, Abandon Instagram, Move To A Village

People who live in a traditional village — that means a community of about 150 people — are far better off than the rest of us. The author of a new book explains "the village effect."

U.S. Doctor Witnesses Unfolding Ebola Epidemic At Liberian Hospital

Joshua Mugele is an American emergency room doctor who was working in Liberia when that hospitals' first Ebola patient showed up. The hospital was ill prepared for handling an Ebola patient.

In Dallas, Many Lessons Learned From First Ebola Case

When the second patient was diagnosed, health officials quickly reacted with reverse 911 calls, door-to-door distribution of Ebola fact sheets and quicker decontamination processes.

The Spreading Enterovirus Is Different Than Previous Years' Strains

Hundreds of children across the U.S. have been sickened by a respiratory illness caused by a virus known as enterovirus D68. Some of the patients have experienced paralysis of limbs.

U.S. Hospitals Redouble Efforts To Prep For Ebola

Another Ebola infection in Dallas has raised some concern among nurses and other health workers in hospitals around the country who worry they may not be equipped to deal with the crisis.