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When A Famous Hospital Didn't Want An Expensive New Drug

It's remarkably rare for leading research hospitals to reject new drugs because of cost.

'Sponge' Drug Shows Promise For Treating Hepatitis C

Doctors are desperate for better treatments for hepatitis C, which now affects about 4 million Americans. A new kind of drug that "mops up" molecules in the cells stopped the virus in a small clinical study, offering hope for a quicker cure with few side effects.

Simple Strategies Can Prevent Grain Bin Tragedies

A series on worker deaths in grain bins continues with a trip inside a grain bin — stepping into thousands of bushels of corn — to demonstrate the power of corn and the safe grain bin entry methods that are required by law.

Catalog Of Gene Markers For Some Cancers Doubles In Size

The largest gene-probing study ever done has found dozens of new genetic markers that flag a person's susceptibility to breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. But knowing these susceptibility markers won't mean much for patients for now.

How Should We Be Talking About Sex?

The high school rape case in Steubenville, Ohio raised uncomfortable questions about how young people learn about their sexual rights and responsibilities. Host Michel Martin talks about the real sex education teens should be getting, with author Laura Sessions Stepp, attorney B.J. Bernstein, and youth mentor Malik Washington.