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As Stroke Risk Rises Among Younger Adults, So Does Early Death

A study found that 1 in 5 adults ages 20 to 55 who survive strokes will die within 20 years of the event — a rate much higher than doctors expected. The findings mean doctors need to pay a lot more attention to younger stroke survivors.

Three Years On, States Still Struggle With Health Care Law Messaging

After all the acrimony and debate, many Americans still don't know whether their states are going to expand Medicaid or set up health care exchanges. A lot of the confusion over the Affordable Care Act comes, in part, from a commanding "misinformation and disinformation" campaign.

In India, Discrimination Against Women Can Start In The Womb

Indian mothers are more likely to get more prenatal care when they're having a boy, health economists say. These small decisions about iron supplements and tetanus shots can have a profound effect on a girl's life, the researchers argue.
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Tax Time Organizing

Tax time means pulling together financial documents -- and for many of us, perhaps wishing our papers were in better order. We look at what new tax rules mean for filing, and simple tips for keeping your finances organized throughout the year.


Many Water Heaters Set Too High, Upping Burn Risk

Manufacturers of water heaters agreed in 1988 to set all heaters at 120 degrees Fahrenheit to help reduce tap water burns. But burn rates haven't declined much, so a scientist wanted to find out why.

Sand From Fracking Could Pose Lung Disease Risk To Workers

The sand is pumped underground along with water and other chemicals to extract oil and natural gas trapped deep in rock. But researchers found that air samples taken at some drilling sites contained high enough levels of very fine silica particles to be dangerous to workers.