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New Virus Related To SARS Detected In The Middle East

A virus, which is genetically different than any seen before, has killed one man and hospitalized another. The virus comes from the same family as SARS, but it appears to be less contagious.

Experimental Drug Is First To Help Kids With Premature-Aging Disease

The new drug reversed changes in blood vessels that usually lead kids with the rare genetic disease progeria to have heart attacks and strokes. Research on the toxic protein responsible for progeria is also changing scientists' understanding of how normal cells age.

Pediatricians: Bounce Trampolines From Homes To Protect Kids

A leading group of pediatricians is out with a sterner warning than ever about trampolines. They say the risk of injury to kids remains too high, despite some safety measures. Use of trampolines at home "is strongly discouraged."
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Students At SE High School Sickened By Apples

an apple on a desk

Several students at Ballou High School in Southeast D.C. were reportedly sick thanks to a few bad apples. At least three have been transported to area hospitals.


Getting A More Svelte Salmon To Your Dinner Plate

Muscular fish like salmon, tuna and eel can benefit from more exercise in a farmed fish environment. New research and a new book are aiming to convince fish farmers that getting fish to swim faster will mean healthier products, less waste, and more profit.