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Latest Drug Shortage Threatens Children With Leukemia

Many hospitals around the nation are perilously close to running out of a form of the old standby cancer drug methotrexate. The reason: a principal supplier of injectable methotrexate shut down in November after it flunked an FDA inspection.

Kids Listen When Parents Say No To Teen Drinking

The stricter the parents when it comes to teenage drinking, the less likely a teen is to succumb to an impulse to imbibe, Dutch researchers have found.

Goodbye To The King Size: Mars To Downsize Candy Bars In 2013

Candy-maker Mars says it's setting a 250-calorie limit for all of its candy bars. That means a regular Snickers bar will lose 30 calories and the king-size bar will be no more.

FDA Warns About Fake Avastin In US

Counterfeit versions of diet drugs, Lipitor and a flu medication called Tamiflu have been found in this country before. But so far fake cancer medicines have been rare.

Providing Therapy Across Different Cultures

When immigrants face depression, therapy may not be the first option they explore for relief. When they do seek counseling, they often encounter a cross-cultural struggle to understand and be understood by American practitioners.

Does Contraception Really Pay For Itself?

The Obama administration claims health insurance companies won't have a problem providing free contraceptive coverage for women who work at religious groups because it is much cheaper for the industry when pregnancies are planned.