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Aging City Pipes In Need Of A Plumber's Touch

A typical American family uses 400 gallons of water a day. But the pipes that ferry that water are bursting faster than they can be replaced. George Hawkins, general manager of DC Water, and environmental historian Martin Melosi discuss past and present issues with pumping water into cities.

Some Docs Doubt Blood Type, Heart Disease Link

A new study claims people with blood type A, B or AB may have a slightly higher risk of heart disease, compared to those with the most common blood group, type O. But some doctors, like cardiologist Eric Topol, question the study's conclusion, and say patients shouldn't fret about their blood type.
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Prince George's County Bans Smoking In Public Housing

A new bill passed this summer will prohibit public housing residents in Prince George's County from smoking in communal spaces.


Would Judge Give Psychopath With Genetic Defect Lighter Sentence?

A new study suggests using the term psychopath adds an average of five years to criminal sentences. But once a biological explanation was included, the length of the sentence dropped. In other words, our sympathy for the idea that biology might be responsible for criminal behavior is powerful.

Obama, Romney Must Woo Seniors On Medicare Plans

For a week now, charges and counter charges have flown on the campaign trail about who would do what to Medicare. Did President Obama really cut $700 billion from the program? Does Republican challenger Mitt Romney really support a voucher system to replace the current program?

Global Smoking Survey Paints A Grim Picture

While smoking in the U.S. has dropped a lot in the past decade, a global survey of smoking finds that nearly 50 percent of men in developing countries use tobacco. Without a reduction in smoking rates, future health costs could be large.