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Solar Toilet Disinfects Waste, Makes Hydrogen Fuel

The Reinvent the Toilet Challenge asked engineers to dream up a replacement for the antiquated flush toilet. Michael Hoffmann and his team at Caltech responded with a solar-powered toilet that disinfects waste and reuses wastewater to flush. Better yet, it pumps out hydrogen gas for use in fuel cells.

WHO Calls For Emergency Stockpile Of Cholera Vaccine

After a successful project to vaccinate Haitians against cholera, the World Health Organization is calling for the establishment of a global stockpile of the vaccine to respond to outbreaks like the one that struck Haiti.

Aging City Pipes In Need Of A Plumber's Touch

A typical American family uses 400 gallons of water a day. But the pipes that ferry that water are bursting faster than they can be replaced. George Hawkins, general manager of DC Water, and environmental historian Martin Melosi discuss past and present issues with pumping water into cities.

Some Docs Doubt Blood Type, Heart Disease Link

A new study claims people with blood type A, B or AB may have a slightly higher risk of heart disease, compared to those with the most common blood group, type O. But some doctors, like cardiologist Eric Topol, question the study's conclusion, and say patients shouldn't fret about their blood type.
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Prince George's County Bans Smoking In Public Housing

A new bill passed this summer will prohibit public housing residents in Prince George's County from smoking in communal spaces.


Would Judge Give Psychopath With Genetic Defect Lighter Sentence?

A new study suggests using the term psychopath adds an average of five years to criminal sentences. But once a biological explanation was included, the length of the sentence dropped. In other words, our sympathy for the idea that biology might be responsible for criminal behavior is powerful.