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Hardly A Haven: Home Can Be Deadly In Natural Disasters

Despite advances in predicting dangerous weather and better evacuation planning, some people still stay put when devastation looms. A study of deaths during Superstorm Sandy in 2012 raises a big question: Why didn't the people at risk move to higher ground?

Seeing Double: Errors In Stem-Cell Cloning Paper Raise Doubts

Biologists said last week that they had overcome a major obstacle in stem-cell research by cloning human embryos. But several images in the published study were duplicated and labeled incorrectly, prompting questions about the authenticity of the results.

3-D Printer Makes Life-Saving Splint For Baby Boy's Airway

A 3-D printer is being credited with helping to save an Ohio baby's life, after doctors "printed" a tube to support a weak airway that caused him to stop breathing. The innovative procedure has allowed Kaiba Gionfriddo, of Youngstown, Ohio, to stay off a ventilator for more than a year.

Canned Peaches Are As Nutritious As Fresh. Really?

What's more, when it comes to some nutrients, like vitamin C, canned peaches pack an even bigger punch than fresh, researchers say. The reasons have to do with how the canning process alters the fruit's cell walls. So eat 'em up!
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Angelman Syndrome Redefines Happiness For Md. Family

For the members of one Maryland family, a rare genetic disorder is transforming their definitions of contentment.


Antidepressant May Protect The Heart Against Mental Stress

When researchers challenged people with heart disease to perform some stressful tasks, those who took a popular antidepressant had fewer symptoms related to reduced blood flow to the heart. The findings, though preliminary, suggest another avenue for treatment.