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From Crock-Pots to 'Cook-Overs': Your Dinnertime Confessional Tips

What's for dinner? We asked, you answered. And now we share some of our readers' savvy, time-saving tips for making dinnertime less of a mad scramble and more of a meal to relish.

Often A Health Care Laggard, U.S. Shines In Cancer Treatment

Researchers report that the U.S. ranks among the top countries at treating cancers of the brain, colon and breast. But it still lags behind most of Western Europe when it comes to drug abuse, heart disease and kidney problems.

Got A Health Care Puzzle? There Should Be An App!

A competition to encourage entrepreneurs to design health apps came up with a wide range of possibilities. One app audits medical bills for errors and savings. Another helps find prices for services, such as dental exams, for people without insurance coverage.

Mississippi Toddler Could Be First Child Cured Of HIV

A child born with HIV has been cured of the virus, researchers say. Audie Cornish talks to Richard Knox about what was different about this child among the millions who've been treated in the past and what it means for the prospect of an HIV cure in adults.
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Maryland To Increase Health Coverage Through New Methods

Maryland health officials are planning to reach uninsured people who don't speak English fluently through new advertising and social media.