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Depressed? Treatment May Be A Phone Call Away

Therapists can treat depression just as effectively over the phone as in person, research shows. And patients are more likely to stick with treatment because phone calls fit into busy lives more easily than regular visits to a clinician's office.

Summertime And Healthy Kids Are Never Easy

Join us Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. EDT for a chat on Twitter with pediatrician Robert Block, the current president of the American Academy of Pediatrics. We'll talk about summer health and vaccines. Look for the hashtag #nprkids.

Breast-Feeding In Uniform: Brave Or Brazen?

A group of Air Force moms photographed breast-feeding their children in uniform in public has sparked a debate among parents and service members.

Disney To Put Limits On Food Ads In Bid To Nudge Kids To Eat Healthier

With an endorsement from first lady Michelle Obama for its effort, Walt Disney Co. said it is going to apply new standards to food ads aimed at children and their families during programming for kids. The goal: inspire healthier lifestyles.

Breast-feeding In Uniform: Brave Or Brazen?

Photos of Air Force moms breast-feeding in uniform recently went viral and sparked debate. The photos were meant to support military moms in breast-feeding. But some critics say the photos are disrespectful to the uniform. Host Michel Martin discusses the issue with active and retired military moms, including one who was featured in the photos.

Two Questions For Your Doctor Before A Colonoscopy

Before a colonoscopy, ask the doctor about his or her detection rate for polyps. And find out how long, on average, the doctor keeps the scope inside the patient. About 10 minutes is the optimal duration, a recent analysis says.