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Can Faith Alone Treat Mental Illness?

The suicide of a prominent pastor's son has many evangelicals talking about how best to treat mental illness. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with journalist and evangelical Christian Christine Scheller about how the church responds to mental illness. Scheller lost her son to suicide five years ago.
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First Medical Marijuana Clinic In D.C. Finalizes Licensing Process

Medical marijuana dispensaries in the District are weeks away from opening their doors.


A $5.5 Billion Road Map To Banish Polio Forever

The World Health Organization released a six-year plan to wipe out the few remaining pockets of polio and ensure the virus doesn't come back. With less than 20 polio cases so far this year, the world is closer than ever before to eradicating polio.
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Maryland Announces Connector Program On Health Care Overhaul

Residents will receive state assistance in health care enrollment and coverage options.


Researchers Find Hormone That Grows Insulin-Producing Cells

When researchers turned on a gene for the hormone in the livers of diabetic lab mice, the number of insulin-making cells in their pancreas glands tripled within 10 days. Although the research was conducted in animals, the scientists say the findings could be relevant for humans.

Why Finding A TB Test Got Hard

Problems at a Canadian factory have caused a shortage of tuberculosis tests in the U.S. Some hospitals and health departments around the country are deferring routing TB testing as a result.

Boston ER Doctor Finds Marathon Memories Hard To Shake

At Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Leana Wen cared for people hurt by the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon finish line. She worried that the next patient she treated would turn out to be her husband. Ten days later, the sounds of sirens still shake her.