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Federal Judge Strikes Down Restrictions On Morning-After Pill

The ruling could end a more than decade-long battle that has spanned two administrations. The decision overturns a controversial 2011 action by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius overruling the Food and Drug Administration's decision to allow sale of morning-after pill without a prescription or regard for a person's age.

Researchers Use Brain Scans To Reveal Hidden Dreamscape

Philosophers, poets and psychologists have long shared a fascination with dreams. Now Japanese scientists have scanned the brains of dreaming volunteers to create a lexicon of imagery that can be used to detect and decode dreams while a person sleeps.

FDA Warns That 'Ninja Mojo' And 'Love Rider' Contain Hidden Drugs

The Food and Drug Administration says it can't keep up with all the dietary supplements that claim to enhance sexual performance. Many have been found to contain potentially harmful ingredients, so the agency is warning people to beware of the entire bunch.
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Survey Probes Unpopularity Of Flu Vaccine In Rural Virginia

Researchers were eager to explore why parents in a rural Virginia county weren't taking advantage of free and low cost flu shots. The answer came as a surprise to most.

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CDC Exploring Rabies Death Of Maryland Organ Transplant Recipient

It's a medical mystery for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after three of four recipients of rabies-infested organs survived, while one in Maryland died.


Lawyers Join Doctors To Ease Patients' Legal Anxieties

A compatible medical-legal partnership may sound like an oxymoron. But in hospitals and clinics across the country, doctors are welcoming lawyers into their practices. They say a lawyer may be just the prescription for some patients with intractable legal needs.