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A Changing Picture For Cancer Deaths In The U.S.

From the early 1990s until 2008, death rates from cancer in the U.S. fell by about 23 percent in men and 15 percent in women. That works out to more than 1 million fewer deaths from cancer over the period.
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'Seize The Days' Project Documents A Life With Cancer

A local oncologist is launching an audio recording project to help cancer patients document how they've changed their post-diagnosis lives.

The Real Holiday Party For Weight Loss Firms? It's Now

The first week of the year means big profits for weight-loss firms. Some companies are looking to expand their customer base by specifically targeting men. Others are teaming up with big employers.

Feds To Rein In Use Of Some Antibiotics On Animals

When livestock producers overuse antibiotics, the drugs can help breed resistant bacteria, or superbugs, that have infected tens of thousands of people. The FDA wants to stop that, but its announcement today only restricts one class of drugs out of the many used on animals.

In US, Hospital Round Trips More Common For Heart Attack Patients

In the U.S., hospitalized heart attack patients go home sooner than in other countries. They are also more likely to return to the hospital within a month of being discharged.

Calories Trump Protein For Weight Loss

People on low-protein diets pack on more fat compared to people who eat normal amounts of protein, a new study concludes. This is bad for health, even if the low-protein folks don't put on as many pounds. Eating more protein may make it easier to keep weight off.