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Sandy Leaves Long List Of Health Threats

Public health officials are warning that people in areas devastated by Sandy face many risks in the storm's aftermath. They are urging people to protect themselves from health threats in the water, air and even their refrigerators.

Cancer, Heart Research Threatened By Power Outage At NYU Hospital

Specially bred mice and rats perished in the flooding from Superstorm Sandy. Now cell lines and DNA stored in refrigerators and freezers might be dying as the temperature rises. The loss could set researchers back years.

Before Sandy Hit U.S., Storm Was A Killer In Haiti

Haiti had documented 54 deaths caused by Sandy — most in the nation's southern peninsula, which points toward Jamaica. Another 21 Haitians were still counted as missing, and many fear the death toll will rise as officials reach affected areas isolated by impassable roads and ruined bridges.

To Stem Mumps Outbreak, Doctors Try An Extra Vaccination

To stem a widespread outbreak of mumps in Orthodox Jewish communities, public health officials tried giving children a third dose of vaccine instead of the usual two shots. The outbreak was so widespread a quarantine wasn't feasible.

Finding New Tricks To Get More Satisfaction Out Of Low-Fat Foods

While both thickness and creaminess sensations contribute to our eating satisfaction, thick foods keep us from feeling hungry longer, researchers say. That could help scientists in their continued quest to develop low-calorie foods that are more satisfying in the long run.

Malaria Drug Subsidies: Good Idea Or Wrong Path?

A test of subsidies in Africa for the most effective malaria drug treatment is drawing fire. Supporters say the subsidies helped improve access and drive out less effective drugs. But critics say the approach is risky and a distraction from other efforts to fight the disease.