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OB-GYNs And ER Docs Miss Out On Medicaid Pay Hike

The Affordable Care Act included a Medicaid pay hike for primary care doctors. It's an incentive for them to see the larger number of patients who will be covered by an expansion of Medicaid under the law. Some other specialists who say they also provide primary care won't be eligible for the increase.

Romney's Baffling Claim About Medicare Pay Cuts For Doctors

The Obama administration's health law envisions reductions in some Medicare spending. And some of the money saved on Medicare will help pay for other parts of the law. But those changes are unconnected with doctors in some areas not being willing to accept Medicare patients.

Researchers Say Drug Subsidies Led To Overtreatment Of Malaria In Africa

This month the Global Fund board will decides whether to continue or scrap a $225 million program that subsidizes malaria drugs in Africa. A new analysis bolsters a major criticism of the project. In some places, most of the subsidized drugs have been going to people without malaria.
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UVA's Bjoring Center Shines Historic Spotlight On WWII Nurses

Overworked and using medical equipment that would shock practicing professionals today, the nurses who joined the effort in the Second World War are remembered in the Bjoring Center's fascinating historical archives.


Sandy's Damage Under The Sea, Through The Eyes Of Oyster Farmers

The Bloom family has been raising oysters for three generations now on 2,000 underwater acres of oysters in Long Island Sound. On Wednesday, two days after the storm, the Blooms were finally able to get out on the water to assess the damage, and they found a lot of it.
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Polio Survivor And Doctor Chooses New Path

Dr. Lauro Halstead is retiring from his job treating patients who survived polio - an experience he himself lived through after contracting the disease in 1954.

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Local Doctor Blends Medicine And Music

Chevy Chase resident Phillip Pearl has two great passions: medicine and music. And he's managed to pursue successful careers in both domains.


Tips On Explaining The Storm To Young Ones

Millions of Americans are dealing with the aftermath of Sandy, including the responsibility of comforting children who may not have a frame of reference for the storm. For tips on helping kids cope, host Michel Martin speaks with Suzanne McCabe of Scholastic's classroom magazines. The magazines cover the aftermath of all kinds of disasters.