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Drug-Resistant Malaria On The Rise In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has been a hot spot for drug-resistant malaria in the past. Now researchers in Thailand worry that a superstrain resistant to the last, best malaria treatments could undermine progress made against the mosquito-borne disease.

Ready-To-Eat Meals Feed Thousands In Wake Of Superstorm Sandy

A close cousin of the military's MREs has moved out of Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency warehouses and into the hands of the ordinary citizens of New York and New Jersey hurt by Superstorm Sandy's bluster and flooding last week.

Why The Heart Doctor Might Give Your Hairline The Once-Over

A study in Denmark finds that visible signs of aging, such as a receding hairline and fatty deposits around the eyelids, may be a sign that you're at a greater risk for heart disease than others your age. But don't skip getting your cholesterol and blood pressure checked.

Depression And Health Spending Go Together

People with high blood sugar had medical expenses that were almost one-third higher than average, as did people with high blood pressure. But among common health problems, depression was linked to the highest spending increase.

For Simple Care, Retail Clinics Are A Popular Choice

Lots of people are opting for the clinics, which are springing up inside big-box retailers and chain drugstores across the country. We found that people are open to the idea of trying the clinics. And those who have used them seem to like them a lot.

Op-Ed: Stop Using 'Retard' As An Insult

Conservative political commentator Ann Coulter drew criticism after she called President Obama "the retard" on Twitter. In an open letter to Coulter on the Special Olympics blog, John Franklin Stephens, a Special Olympian living with Down syndrome, asked her to reconsider using that word.