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The Unsafe Sex: Should The World Invest More In Men's Health?

The world's top health problems are more common in men than women. But recent global funding has been skewed toward women's issues. Some health economists say more effort should go toward stopping men's risky behaviors, like smoking and drinking.

Experts Agree: 'Psychiatry's Bible' Is No Bible

The new version of the DSM, the manual of psychiatric diagnoses, is already sparking criticism. But psychiatrists say it helps make sure they're all on the same page.

Illinois Lawmakers Send Medical Marijuana Bill To Governor

Gov. Pat Quinn has not said whether he will sign the bill after the state Senate approved the measure, which includes tough guidelines for who is eligible.

Up For Discussion: Cost Of Cancer Care Avoided Too Often

Even cancer patients with health insurance can face steep copayments for drugs, a sizable share of hospital bills and significant incidental expenses. So wouldn't it make sense for doctors and patients to talk about financial issues up front?

Flaxseed: The Next Superfood For Cattle And Beef?

After years of research, an animal scientist looking for ways to keep inflammation down in cattle came up with a novel approach: feed them flax. The flax in their food helps keep animals healthy and has an added benefit for people who later eat their meat: omega-3 enriched beef.

Biking To Work: Healthful Until You Hit A Pothole

Biking to work is a great way to get exercise, save money and reduce pollution from cars. But does the risk of accidents cancel out all the good? Experience in Europe says no, but the