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Officials Prepare For Another Flu Pandemic — Just In Case

Those people who have contracted the H7N9 virus have become very sick. And unlike the older bird flu virus, this one shows some adaptation to mammals, making it a matter of concern. But it doesn't make chickens sick, posing unique difficulties in fighting this kind of flu.

What's In A Flu Name? Hs And Ns Tell A Tale

With the new H7N9 virus spreading through China and H5N1 popping up every now and then in Southeast Asia, it's tough to keep track of all the flu viruses. Here's a quick guide to what those Hs and Ns mean, and why viruses with these letters cause the most concern.
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Tackling Nursing Home Complaints With Ombudsman Programs

Who do you turn to when you have a complaint about a nursing home? One options for many families are ombudsman programs. They deal with more than 157,000 nursing home complaints each year, on topics large and small.

Veterans Have Unusual Choice Thanks To Health Exchanges

If they want to, veterans can buy insurance coverage on the new state-based marketplaces to supplement their coverage from the Veterans Health Administration system.

Saving Newborns: 'Kangaroo Care' Could Go A Long Way

Each year more than a million babies die within the first 24 hours after birth, a study finds. But there are some simple, inexpensive things that could save these infants, like early breast-feeding and teaching moms to hold their newborns close.