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States Struggle To Manage Meningitis Scare

Nearly two-dozen states are watching for new cases of a rare kind of meningitis, caused by fungal contamination in injections for back pain. The outbreak apparently started when a Massachusetts compounding company sent out 17,000 doses of infected injections for back pain. Daniel Potter of member station WPLN reports five people have died and dozens of others are sick.

Fallout From Financial Crisis: Thousands Of Nigerian Kids Poisoned By Lead

During the financial crisis, gold prices hit record highs as people looked for somewhere safe to park their money. In West Africa, that's had a devastating, deadly effect on children.

Romney Health Care Debate Claim Gets Corrected By His Own Staff

Mitt Romney said during Wednesday's debate that pre-existing conditions would be covered under his health care plan. But the Republican presidential candidate's plan wouldn't guarantee that people who don't have coverage now will be able to buy it.

Meningitis Outbreak Update: List Of Hospitals Released

The government has named 75 medical facilities that received a potentially contaminated drug suspected of infecting 47 patients with meningitis nationwide.

Arabian Coronavirus: Plot Thickens But Virus Lies Low

At first it seemed likely that the two known cases of illness from the new cousin-of-SARS virus may have been exposed in or near the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. But now it's pretty certain that a 49-year-old Qatari man who had traveled to Jeddah last month didn't pick up the virus there after all.

Your Verdict On Getting A Genome Test? Bring It On

The overwhelming majority of respondents to our online query said they would get their genome sequenced if they could afford it. Most also said they'd want to know everything it revealed.

After Ebola Fades, What Happens To The Quarantined?

To curb a recent Ebola outbreak in Uganda, health workers quarantined over 40 people suspected of infection with the virus. Their belongings were burned and buried in case they were harboring the virus.