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In Canada, Gonorrhea Defeats Another Antibiotic

Superstrains of gonorrhea, which are resistant to all antibiotics, have cropped up in Europe and Asia. Now Canadian doctors report the first failure in North America of the usual antibiotic for gonorrhea, leaving just one drug left to fight the sexually transmitted germ.

Binge Drinking Is Common Among Women, Yet Overlooked

About 13 percent of U.S. women go on drinking binges each month, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The damage from binge drinking runs the gamut from death to unintended pregnancy. Public health officials says binge drinking can be curbed with greater awareness and thoughtful interventions.

Young And Doubly Insured: A Modern Health Dilemma

Without rules that spell out which health plan takes the lead, a young person who lives out of state and is covered by his parents' plan and a college health plan might run into trouble trying to get in-network care when far from hometown.
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Flu Cases On The Rise Earlier Than Usual, CDC Reports

The Centers for Disease Control are seeing a higher incidence of flu cases earlier in the flu season this year than in previous years, the agency reports. 


Can You Get A Flu Shot And Still Get The Flu?

Vaccination is still the best way to avoid getting sick, but it's not 100 percent protective. Some people may get infected with a strain of flu that isn't covered by this year's vaccine. For others, the shots just don't work.

Health Spending Increases Remain At Record Lows

Economists have calculated that spending on health care continued to increase slowly in 2011, at a rate similar to the two previous years. Researchers point to the stagnant economy for holding back health inflation.