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FDA Rules Corn Syrup Can't Change Its Name To Corn Sugar

The FDA ruled that changing the name high fructose corn syrup to "corn sugar" would cause confusion. Makers of corn syrup say their product has unfairly received a bad rap and had asked the agency to allow the change almost two years ago.

Oregon's Medicaid Experiment Represents A 'Defining Moment'

The federal government is giving the state almost $2 billion to overhaul the health system. Part of the money will provide a new program to aid the sickest patients, and the governor wants to create organizations in each town that will connect health care providers, decrease competition and let patients go wherever they need to get the best care.

'Direct Primary Care' A New Option For The Uninsured

More primary care doctors are turning to a new model they say is cheaper and more effective than traditional health insurance. In fact, it skips the insurance system entirely. Robert Siegel talks with Arnold Milstein, director of the Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center, about how direct primary care works.

As Big Employers Pinch Pennies, Health Savings Accounts Take Off

Enrollment in health savings accounts grew 18 percent last year as employers continued to steer workers into high-deductible medical plans.

What Air Traffic Can Teach Us About Kidney Transplants

Researchers who study air traffic may have come up with a better way to allocate organs. The key is balancing fairness and efficiency.