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Cheaper Fruits And Vegetables Alone Can't Save Food Deserts

Researchers found that while consumers are sensitive to price, and more likely to buy fruit when the price drops, many other factors prevent people from buying fruits and vegetables.

Computer Issues May Complicate Launch Of Health Insurance Exchanges

State insurance regulators learned recently that an electronic system most insurers will use to submit their policies for state and federal approvals won't be ready for testing next month. The unexpected problem could delay work on the exchanges by three months.
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Montgomery Co. Council Backs Bill To Expand Smoking Ban

Members of the Montgomery County Council are looking to expand the existing smoking ban in the county, further restricting the spaces where smokers can go.

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Baltimore Clinic Develops E-Records For Homeless Patients

Medical students volunteering at Baltimore Rescue Mission are trying to streamline patients' records through an electronic system they developed.

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Baltimore Clinic Develops E-Records for Homeless Patients

A group of medical students have created a medical records system for a free clinic that serves homeless residents in East Baltimore.


Twitter Chat: States Face Deadline On Health Insurance Exchanges

Come Friday, states will have to decide whether they will run their own insurance exchanges under President Obama's sweeping health law. We had a rapid-fire chat about the exchanges on Twitter and captures some of the highlights here.

A Peek Inside Rappers' Brains Shows Roots Of Improvisation

Scientists have found rappers and jazz musicians use their brains in similar ways when it comes to improvisation. Brain scans show distinct differences in which parts of the brain are most active during rap performances of memorized pieces compared with those that are done freestyle.