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Water Main Break Leads To Closures, Restrictions In Maryland

A break in a 54-inch water main in Chevy Chase, Md., propelled a geyser more than 30 feet high, shutting down a stretch of Connecticut Avenue.


Bioethics Panel Warns Against Anthrax Vaccine Testing On Kids

Anthrax has long been considered one of the most likely weapons a bioterrorist might use. Some researchers think the vaccine should be tested on children to find out if it would be safe to use in an attack. But a presidential bioethics commission says that first, researchers will have to show that children would face no more than "minimal risk."

Alzheimer's 'Epidemic' Now A Deadlier Threat To Elderly

Deaths from the disease have increased by 68 percent between 2000 and 2010. One reason: We're living longer, and deaths from other causes, like heart disease and prostate cancer, are going down.

29 States Get F On Disclosure Laws For Health Care Prices

Nearly three-quarters of states get poor grades when it comes to laws about the making available prices for health care. Most consumers are unaware of the tremendous variation in price for health care services.

Doctors: Bench Athletes At First Concussion Sign

Athletes who have headaches or any other concussion symptoms should be removed from play immediately, according to tougher standards just issued by neurologists. The move comes in response to research showing short- and long-term damage from head injuries.

'Still Point': A Meditation On Mothering A Dying Child

In 2011, Emily Rapp's baby was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs disease, a genetic, degenerative condition with no cure. He died just shy of his third birthday. In her new memoir, The Still Point of the Turning World, Rapp writes about what it's like to care for a terminally ill child.