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Deadly Strain Of Bird Flu Is 'Most Lethal' Flu Virus Yet

At a briefing in Beijing Wednesday, World Health Organization officials called the H7N9 bird flu that's emerged in China one of the "most lethal" flu viruses so far. NPR science correspondent Richard Knox talks about what we know, and the questions that remain about the deadly strain.

First Case Of New Bird Flu Found Outside China

Concerns about the flu have intensified as the cases and fatalities mount. Transmission of the virus between birds and humans appears to happen fairly easily. It's unclear whether it can spread from one person to another.

When Cheeseburger = Walking, Will We Eat Less?

Would you eat a double cheeseburger if you knew it took two hours of walking to burn it off? Participants in a new study said, hmm, maybe not. The researchers say that exercise-based labels could do a better job than calorie counts at steering people to healthful choices.

Retirement Gone Wrong? How Seniors Can Dig Out Of Debt

Older middle-class Americans are now carrying more credit card debt than younger Americans, according to the AARP. Host Michel Martin speaks with certified financial planner Steve Repak, about ways for seniors to ease the burden.

Is American Daycare ... Hell?

Millions of parents drop their children at daycare in the morning and hope they'll be safe. But high quality daycare is hard to find, and hard to afford. Host Michel Martin discusses whether American daycare is in crisis with three parents: The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn; The Washington Post's Brigid Schulte and regular contributor Dani Tucker.

Second Child Of Philadelphia Faith-Healing Couple Dies

An infant belonging to the couple has died four years after the pair were convicted for not seeking medical attention for a two-year-old son in 2009.

Gynecologists Question Use Of Robotic Surgery For Hysterectomies

Hysterectomy are among the most common surgical procedures for women. With the advent of surgical robots, more doctors and women are opting for that approach. Does a robot, which costs more, make it better?
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D.C. Pharmacies A Quagmire For Non-English Speakers

For District residents who don't speak English, purchasing medicine at area pharmacies can be prohibitively difficult.