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Coconut Conservationist Seeks Pacific Islands For Fun And Palm Preservation

Are the sources for your trendy coconut water and oil in danger? Not yet, says a French scientist, but he has an elaborate vision for how to overcome the coconut's biological challenges and ensure that the plant's dozens of varieties stick around for a long time.

Many Surgical Complications Show Up After Patients Get Home

More than 40 percent of surgical complications occur after patients are at home. The solution for the problem isn't keeping patients in the hospital longer, researchers say. Better instructions to patients and improved monitoring could help.

When Your State Says Yes To Medical Marijuana, But Your Insurer Says No

Just because medical marijuana is legal where you live doesn't mean your health insurer will deem it worthy of coverage. The feds still classify it as a controlled substance with no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse, so insurers and employers are wary of paying for it.
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Dan Buettner: "Blue Zones: Second Edition"

Researcher, explorer and author Dan Buettner on the latest research about so-called "Blue Zones" locales, where residents live longer than anywhere else on earth.

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D.C. Formally Commits To Health Care Exchange

D.C. has formally declared its intention to form a health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act; District officials hope they could be taking enrollments by fall of 2013.


Matching DNA With Medical Records To Crack Disease And Aging

A massive research project in California is beginning to show how genes, health habits and the environment can interact to cause diseases. The new combination of genetic and health information is one of the most powerful research tools on earth, a researcher says.
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Building A Customer-Oriented Health Insurance Exchange

New health insurance exchanges are supposed to help millions of Americans get affordable coverage by 2014. Diane and her guests talk about what the exchanges will mean for employers and consumers.