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Lab Findings Support Provocative Theory On Cancer 'Enemy' Within

Three separate teams of scientists have shown that so-called cancer stem cells can be found in brain tumors and early forms of skin and colon cancer. Evidence has been mounting in recent years for the existence of these cells, which are believed to resist standard chemotherapy and fuel the growth of tumors and relapses.

Will Health Provisions Tame Birth Control Cost?

Some provisions of the Affordable Care Act go into effect today, including one that requires insurers to cover preventative health care for women. For more on the changes, host Michel Martin sits down with Kaiser Health News' Mary Agnes Carey.

You Think Beauty Is Skin Deep? You're Not A Chiropractor

For a time, posture contests were all the rage. They gave chiropractors a public relations boost when the profession was fighting for respect. The pageants helped build goodwill and support for licensure, a chiropractic historian says.
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With New Women's Health Care Provision In Effect, Clinics Free Up Resources

Preventive related services for women are now accessible to the insured without a co-pay, thanks to a major provision under the Affordable Care Act, which frees of funds for area clinics to expand services.


Disease Expert Calls For More Talk On Flu Experiments

A government official told federally funded flu scientists meeting in New York that it was too soon to resume controversial experiments on mutant bird flu viruses, saying the public has to have input. But one of the flu researchers who did the work says he thinks it is time to lift the moratorium on this research, and that scientists around the world will not feel bound by what the U.S. government decides. NPR's Nell Greenfieldboyce reports.

Under Health Law, 'No-Cost' Birth Control Starts Today

As of Aug. 1, insurers must offer a wide array of women's preventive health services at no upfront cost. Most of the coverage isn't controversial — except the contraception requirement, which is still the subject of legal challenges.