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Texas Rejects Medicaid Expansion In Health Law

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has announced that he opposes the expansion of Medicaid as provided in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and the creation of state insurance exchanges. Melissa Block talks to Emily Ramshaw, editor at the Texas Tribune, for more on what Perry's announcement means for Texas.

Why Silk May Be Added To Vaccines Someday

A protein in silk could help stabilize vaccines and medicines. Researchers at Tufts University have found a little bit of the protein can help preserve heat-sensitive medicines that usually require refrigeration.

Teen Years Pose New Risks For Kids Born With HIV

Botswana's successful efforts against AIDS mean more HIV-positive children than ever are living into adolescence. But that brings with it new challenges, as kids who've been on antiretroviral drugs their whole lives enter the tumult of the teenage years — and face the specter of drug-resistant mutations.

Court Gives States Ammunition In Health Care Battle

The Supreme Court's health ruling limited the federal government's power to withhold funding if states don't meet certain requirements. But it didn't draw a clear line between the types of financial conditions that are OK and those unfair to states. That's likely to lead to lawsuits.

Texas Gov. Perry Says No To Medicaid Expansion

Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry called the federal health overhaul law a "power grab" and rejected an expansion of Medicaid in the state to cover more people with low incomes. The recent Supreme Court ruling on the administration's health law makes participation in the expansion optional.

Virus Suspected In Mysterious Cambodian Outbreak

Scientists have found enterovirus 71 in samples taken from children sickened in Cambodia. The virus can cause hand, foot and mouth disease. Symptoms of that illness are consistent with those reported in an outbreak that has been seen since April.