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In Juvenile Detention, Girls Find Health System Geared To Boys

A growing number of teenage girls are incarcerated each year. Many have injuries consistent with sexual assault, and up to a third are or have been pregnant. But the care provided in detention is often inadequate for girls because the assessment of their needs misses the mark.

Some Kids Bounce Straight To The Emergency Room

The wildly popular mosh pits for the school-age set have become a common source of injuries that send kids to the hospital. Doctors call for safer designs for inflatable bouncers and better guidelines for their use.

Give And Take: How The Rule Of Reciprocation Binds Us

Scientists say that whether tipping waiters or trading Christmas cards, we're programmed to reciprocate when we receive a gift. But the rule of reciprocity can also complicate politics and medicine.
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Virginia Restricts Out-Of-State Deer Kills, Citing Disease

Concerns about chronic wasting disease have forced Virginia to restrict how much deer that hunters can bring back into the commonwealth from areas like Pennsylvania.


Scientists Get A New Look At Einstein's Brain

What made Einstein a genius? Maybe his weirdly curvy brain had something to do with it. Scientists have recently analyzed photos from the 1950s to try to figure out what made the genius tick.