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Women's Health Groups Angered By Morning-After Pill Moves

Days after President Obama became the first sitting president to speak before Planned Parenthood's national conference, the administration alienated some women's health groups with a controversial decision about access to emergency contraception.

Appeal To Restrict Morning After Pill Angers Obama Allies

The Obama Administration has officially appealed a federal judge's ruling that it remove all age restrictions on the most popular form of the morning-after pill. The action has once again driven a wedge between the Administration and women's health groups.

Colorado Weighs Reopening Psychiatric Hospital For Homeless

Colorado's Democratic governor wants to move mentally ill homeless people to Fort Lyon, a former psychiatric hospital and prison in the southeast corner of the state. Critics say it would make more sense to rent apartments for the people in the neighborhoods where they are now.

Outbreak Of New SARS-Like Virus Kills 5 In Saudi Arabia

A new virus that causes severe pneumonia and sometimes kidney failure has infected more people. Since the virus first appeared in March 2012, it has infected 24 people, including 17 deaths.

Suicide Rate Climbs For Middle-Aged Americans

For quite a while, the annual number of fatalities from auto accidents has been a kind of shorthand for health issues that are big and important. Suicides now exceed deaths from crashes. And the middle-aged have seen the biggest increase in suicide rates.