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Fewer Americans Need Vitamin D Supplements Under New Guidelines

How much vitamin D is enough vitamin D? And when should you add supplements to the diet? Doctors still disagree on the specifics, but some studies suggest that more isn't always better.

Medicare, Medicaid Face Uncertain Budget Futures

With January's fiscal cliff on the horizon, Medicare and Medicaid face some serious budget woes. Two studies and a lawsuit could shape their fate.

Polio's End Depends On Three Tough Countries

Vaccination campaigns have erased polio in almost every country in the world, but the disease persists in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. Obstacles in each country, including religious extremism, difficult terrain and transient populations, make eradication efforts difficult.

After Meningitis Deaths, A Look At Drug Safety

An outbreak of fungal meningitis has been linked to contaminated steroids that were injected into an estimated 14,000 people. Two dozen people have died, from fungal meningitis or strokes. It raises questions about where our drugs come from and which organizations oversee their production.

Study Results Linking Diet Soda To Cancer Fall Into The 'Gray Zone' Of Science

The co-author of a controversial study linking diet soda consumption to blood cancers says his study's findings fall into a gray area — between a clear relationship between diet soda consumption and cancers and no relationship at all. That, he says, is "the natural process of science."

Many Terminal Cancer Patients Mistakenly Believe A Cure Is Possible

A survey finds that the majority of advanced stage lung and colon cancer patients believe chemotherapy might cure them, when it can actually only buy them a few months. Oncologists are worried about how this impacts end-of-life decision making.