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The Challenges Of Treating Personality Disorders

Personality disorders represent some of the most challenging and mysterious problems in the field of mental health. People suffering from antisocial personality disorder or obsessive compulsive personality disorder are often misdiagnosed. The effects on the sufferers and their families can be wrenching.

From Humors To Self-Control: The Evolution Of A Well-Balanced Diet

Europeans and American colonists believed one's personality, temperament and physical health depended on balancing "humors" of hot, cold, moist and dry with foods. Of course, that worked for the wealthy, who could afford a variety of foods, and it kept them in power.

A Polio Outbreak In Pakistan Reveals Gaps In Vaccination

The appearance of an unusual type of poliovirus in Pakistan exposed gaps in vaccination campaigns. When a community isn't well immunized against polio, the weakened virus used in the oral vaccine can mutate and then infect unvaccinated people.

Son Questions Mother's Shaken Baby Conviction

Caregivers have been prosecuted and jailed for harming children by shaking them. Now, some researchers are saying shaken baby syndrome is a more complicated diagnosis than previously thought. Host Michel Martin speaks with Victor Zapana, whose mother was convicted of shaking a baby, and NPR Investigative Correspondent Joe Shapiro.

At Small Companies Insurance Extensions Have More Limits

If you lose your job with a small employer, you'll less likely to get the same kinds of extended health insurance benefits available from bigger firms. Many states have enacted laws to change that, but the results vary.