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Misplaced Blame On Childhood Ritalin For Later Substance Abuse

People with ADHD in childhood are more likely to have problems with drugs and alcohol later. Studies have disagreed on whether treatment with stimulant drugs like Ritalin makes that abuse more likely, or protects against it. The biggest review yet says stimulant treatment neither helps nor hurts.

'Soda Mouth' Can Look A Lot Like 'Meth Mouth'

Lesions on the teeth of crack and methamphetamine addicts have a lot in common with those on the teeth of people addicted to soda, a dental researcher writes in a case study. But even people who wouldn't consider themselves "soda addicts" are at risk of dental erosion, he says.

Health Law Spared Young Adults From High Hospital Bills

Young adults insured under their parents' plans were shielded from the potentially catastrophic cost of a medical emergency, a review of hospital records found. Researchers say $147 million in hospital bills were charged to insurers rather than the patients in 2011.

Disinfect All ICU Patients To Reduce 'Superbug' Infections

Some states have started requiring hospitals to screen their patients for the drug-resistant bacteria known as MRSA. But a study that tested different approaches to reducing infections found that screening first wasn't the most effective approach.

How OxyContin's Pain Relief Built 'A World Of Hurt'

New York Times reporter Barry Meier's new e-book explores opiate painkillers and the consequences that come with long-term use. He focuses in particular on OxyContin, how it came to be prescribed for chronic pain, what the consequences have been, and how it became a street drug.

Middle East Coronavirus Called 'Threat To The Entire World'

All told, the fatality rate for confirmed infections with the virus has been more than 50 percent. But the true fatality rate won't be clear until the fuller extent of cases, some probably much milder, becomes known.