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More Answers To Your Questions About The Health Care Law

Stumped by what's happening with the administration's health law? You're not alone. We fielded questions and have some answers that might help.

Answering Listener Questions About Health Care Law

Americans still have many questions about the Affordable Care Act and how it will impact their health insurance coverage. Health policy correspondent Julie Rovner answers questions from listeners about how the law affects Medicare, how the penalty for not having the required coverage applies to low income people and people living overseas, and how much insurers can raise premiums.

Relishing The Science Of The BBQ

From mayonnaise myth-busters to a ketchup jar that never jams, the grill pit is a hot bed of scientific research. Ira and Flora talk with food safety specialist Angela Fraser talks safe picnic protocol; MIT's Kripa Varanasi explains his "LiquiGlide" condiment container; and fermentation expert Bob Hutkins of University of Nebraska salutes the pickle.

What's Your IQ On SPF?

In an unscientific survey of Times Square, Science Friday found that not one passerby could explain how sunscreen works. Dermatologist Jennifer Linder explains that and other basics of sun protection, including the meaning of SPF, and whether sunscreen blocks vitamin D production.
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Dr. Nora Volkow

The director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse on addiction and efforts to cure it.


Under Pressure, Pfizer Agrees To Change Vitamin Claims

Under an agreement between the drugmaker and the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Pfizer won't make claims about "breast health" or "colon health" for Centrum products. In return, the consumer group agreed not to take legal action.

Kenya's HIV Challenge: Easing Stigma For Gay Men

HIV rates among men who have gay sex in Kenya are three times higher than the national average. To curb those high transmission rates, health workers must first convince gay men to be open about their sex lives in a country where coming out of the closet can mean discrimination, violence and even jail.