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Joblessness Shortens Life Expectancy For White Women

Policymakers who've relied on health initiatives to address the mortality gap may take a look at the workplace. Family-friendly policies, like paid parental leave and subsidized child care, that could help keep women employed.

With Advances In Prenatal Testing, Difficult Choices Arise

Technological developments in prenatal testing and screening methods have given women more information about the genetic status of their fetuses. Increased access to information can leave mothers and their partners with difficult choices about whether to continue or terminate a pregnancy.

Hospital Reviews, Take Them With A Grain Of Salt

Online reviews can come in handy when choosing a restaurant, but when it comes to picking a hospital, ratings and anecdotal reports can be misleading. Dr. Richard Gunderman explains how to sort through reviews and ratings to find the right hospital for you.

Immigrants Subsidize, Rather Than Drain, Medicare

Immigrants contribute tens of billions of dollars a year more to Medicare than immigrant retirees use in medical services, an analysis finds. Restrictions on immigration could deplete Medicare's finances.
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Caregiver Shares Secret Strain Of Caring For Parents

A woman caring for her parents tells an often unspoken truth: sometimes the caregiver needs help, too.

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A 'Perfect Arrangement' In An Era Of Secrets

A world premiere in the sixth annual Source Festival tells the story of two seemingly picture-perfect 1950s couples who share a deep secret.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Secrets

This week we'll bring you stories of things you can make, keep, or even carry to the grave: secrets.


Misplaced Blame On Childhood Ritalin For Later Substance Abuse

People with ADHD in childhood are more likely to have problems with drugs and alcohol later. Studies have disagreed on whether treatment with stimulant drugs like Ritalin makes that abuse more likely, or protects against it. The biggest review yet says stimulant treatment neither helps nor hurts.