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How My Voice Went Silent

After coming down with a mysterious headache and a blazing sore throat, NPR science correspondent Richard Harris lost his voice. And it didn't come back. Doctors eventually pinpointed the cause: a paralyzed vocal cord.

Rules Requiring Contraceptive Coverage Have Been In Force For Years

Many employer health plans have effectively been required to cover prescription birth control since 2000. And more than half the states have similar rules.

When Flu Pandemics Hit, Closing Schools Can Slow Spread

When schools in Alberta, Canada, closed for summer in 2009, it put the breaks on the swine flu outbreak in the province, says research from McMaster University. But authorities have to weigh the costs and benefits of preemptive closure, and there isn't always a clear answer.

Bishops Stand Strong Against Birth Control Mandate

The White House and American Catholic bishops are at a stalemate over a rule requiring many religious organizations to provide insurance coverage for contraception. "If the argument is over religious liberty," says one scholar, "the bishops win. If the argument is over contraceptives, the administration wins."

Feds Find Wide Variation In Serious Infections Linked To Catheters

Patients at hospitals in Maryland, Mississippi, Louisiana, Maine and New Hampshire were most likely to get blood infections caused by central lines, new federal data show. Medicare is gearing up to penalize hospitals with high rates of infections that are caused by the institutions.
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Poll: Virginians Support Drug Testing, Divided On Health

A poll shows that residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia are divided on many issues, but one that most people seem to get behind is mandatory drug testing for recipients of social services.