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Study Finds No Harm In Occasional Drink During Pregnancy

The study looked at about 10,000 British children born at the turn of this century and found no developmental problems among those whose mothers drank moderately during pregnancy. But even the study's authors caution that abstaining from alcohol is still best for mothers-to-be.

Bacteria On Dog Lovers' Skin Reveal Their Affection

Dog owners have similar germs growing on their skin: a signature blend of bacteria from canines' tongues and paws. Scientists couldn't find an analogous signature for cat owners. Perhaps cats are just being selfish.
Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WAMU 88.5's Caregiving Forum

The needs of caregivers and the issues facing them today is the subject of a public forum hosted by WAMU and American Public Media.


FDA's Rejection Of Generic OxyContin May Have Side Effects

A push to make narcotic painkillers harder to abuse means that generic versions of OxyContin won't be allowed. But drugs that are more resistant to abuse are expensive and can still be addictive.

In Meat Tests, More Data Tying Human Illness To Farm Antibiotics

A new analysis of government data finds that antibiotic-resistant bacteria that cause human illness were widespread in supermarket meat samples tested. The implications are significant: that the bacteria had become resistant to antibiotics back at the farm because farmers were overusing them.

How Ricin Can Sicken And Kill

Ricin is a naturally occurring toxin that's found in castor beans. Castor-oil plants, the source of beans, are popular with gardeners. You can get sick by eating beans. But purified ricin can be made pretty easily and used for no-good.