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The Peanut Butter Cure Moves From Hospital To Snack Room

For over a decade, peanut butter paste supplements like Plumpy'Nut have saved children around the world from malnutrition. Now health officials want to use the packets not just to save starving kids, but to keep them healthy in the first place. But will it work?

Admit It: Medicare Errs In Crackdown On Hospital Quality

Just before new penalties kicked in for hospitals that readmit too many Medicare patients, the government discovered that the data it used to were out of date. The changes from the error are tiny, amounting on average to a fraction of a percent for most of the affected hospitals.

In Nigerian Gold Rush, Lead Poisons Thousands Of Children

In northern Nigeria, some miners use crude methods to extract raw gold ore — a practice fueled by rising gold prices. But the gold here is embedded in lead, and the dust kicked up by this dirty and illegal mining has killed hundreds of children and sickened thousands more. Experts say this may be the worst case of lead poisoning in recent history.
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Kids Head Out For International Walk To School Day

Kids throughout the region will walk or bike to school today as part of International Walk to School Day; in Takoma Park, residents and kids with several safe routes to school have a reason to celebrate.


How Sunlight Weakens Your Skin

Ultraviolet light can burn your skin and raise the risk for skin cancer. New research has helped uncover how the rays can weaken skin's outer layer, compromising its ability to protect the body.

Why Experts Can Pounce On New Diseases Faster As They Emerge

Public health experts have gotten much better at detecting new diseases and figuring out their cause since the SARS outbreak nearly 10 years ago. Advances in communications and genetics mean information about new microbes is more accessible.