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Stressed Out Americans Want Help, But Many Don't Get It

Health care professionals aren't giving Americans the stress management advice they want, according to a new survey. The untreated anxiety may be good news for the snack food and video game industries.

A Life Defined Not By Disability, But Love

When she was younger, Myra didn't realize her mom, Bonnie Brown, was "different" than most. Her mother's intellectual disability was only something she realized later when her mother told her, "I know I am not like your friends' mothers, but I'm doing the best I can."

Fried Chicken And Sweet Tea: Recipe For A Stroke

Why do people in the South face a higher stroke risk? Classic fried and sweet Southern fare may have a lot to do with it, according to research that sliced and diced regional eating habits.
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Inside Addiction Treatment

People with drug and alcohol addictions often enter a rehabilitation for treatment. A panel joins Diane to discuss what works and what does not.

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Safety Concerns At Compounding Pharmacies

New reports tie safety failures at specialty pharmacies to deaths and illnesses over the past decade. A panel joins Diane to discuss widespread problems at compounding pharmacies.


Botulism From 'Pruno' Hits Arizona Prison

Inmates at a maximum security prison in Arizona were stricken with botulism after consuming homemade hooch that's called "pruno" inside the big house. Potatoes appear to be the source of the problem in two separate outbreaks.

Catholic Bishops Reject Compromise On Contraceptives

The administration's proposal calls for insurance companies to provide contraceptive and sterilization coverage, rather than hospitals, universities and charities affiliated with religious groups. The approach failed to satisfy leaders of the Catholic Church.